Download WinRaR 5.4.0 For Mac & iOS (Latest Version)

WinRAR For Mac & iOS: Winrar is the most efficient compression tool you can lay your hands on and put in your download list of your device.  It helps in compressing files in multiple or single numbers with utmost ease. Most people adopt these compression measures in order to save out on space for storage or the transfer. A number of formats of compressing files is adaptable by this including RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, AZE, ISO file formats. This WinRAR program also aids and abets in extracting files that have a ZIP or RAR format from the internet.

Things required To Use WinRAR For  Mac:

  • To use WinRAR you need a PC
  • You will also require files to compress and already compressed files as the essential task of Win Rar revolves around this.
  • You will also require a Winrar archiver processor.

Steps To Use WinRAR For Mac & iOS:

  • In order to use WinRAR, one needs to make sure thatWinRaRr is already previously downloaded on the computer you are going to make use of. The compression of files should then be taken care of accordingly.
  • You then have to select all the files that you have a desire to compress. You can do this by using the mouse and CTRL button which is used to select a number of files in the same folder at the same time or the SHIFT button which is used to select blocks of files.
  • The next step is to right click on the selected file to bring about a drop down menu and then you click on the ‘add to archive’ option . This then helps in displaying the Winrar window menu.
  • Now in the archive section you need to add a file name for the compressed files in the general tab. You need to make sure that the same name is not chosen twice else the files may overlap each other causing confusion.
  • After selecting the name for the compressed files, you need to select a file format which can either be in RAR or ZIP. Other options for deleting the original files after compression, putting authenticity verifications, adding a recovery record are also available.

  • You then click the ‘ok’’ button once you are done with the other tasks that needed to be carried out. The winrar app then compresses the files and saves them in the same folder that the original files were stored in.
  • The Winrar program is also capable of extracting compressed files with a RAr or Zip format and you can then select a file that needs extraction using the mouse pointer.
  • You then right-click on the selected file to give a drop down menu and click on ‘extract files’ from this drop down. A window from the win rar program will be displayed.
  • The exact locations of the files need to be specified which have been extracted ad located in the ‘destination path’ option of the general tab. You should keep in mind not to replace the destination path in case the extracted files are also in the same place as the compressed files.
  • Click on the ‘ok’ button once you have filled in the required fields in the right window. This kick starts the extraction process of the RAR or the ZIP file.

Thus you can go ahead and compress your files and save up on the extra storage space that your phone or laptop keeps reminding you of. All you have to do is follow these easy steps and win rar will be the winning point in your life which helps make your tasks easier and cuts down on the space crunch .

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